Often times when soldiers are so distanced from home and are subjected to strenuous schedules and difficult experiences, vital connections are lost. And as such, religious observance becomes a casualty of war as well. Especially in times of near life and death situations, and horrifying sights that are seen on the battlefield, soldiers need uplifting experiences to continually boost their morale. Recent studies have proven that prayer and religious observance have multiple health benefits, physical and emotional, even for those who have been through much adversity and traumatic occurrences.

We at Ari's Judaica Treasures, try our utmost to enhance and restore the soldiers' emotional welfare to enable their optimum performance in the war zone. We make Jewish religious needs obtainable so that they can celebrate all holidays to the best of their ability without sacrificing their spirituality, thus enriching their well being.

In previous years, Ari's Judaica Treasures has been the provider for the Jewish soldier. We have taken great pride and continually do so, in our impeccable service that our customers have become accustomed to. We value every inquiry, every purchase, and we make it our duty to assure that all requests are handled accordingly. Our speciality is such that we combine our expertise with creativity and detail it to military specification. We persevere in upgrading items that might be beneficial and for the better good of those on the front. Distance is also not a hindrance as we ship globally.

I, Judy Sputz, as the president of this company, take this task as a personal one. I feel it obligatory to fulfill the soldiers' religious requirements to the best of my ability and I feel a responsibility towards ascertaining their contented state under such dire conditions. In the end we all stand to gain; our brave soldiers, the United States of America and I.

We look forward to a better tomorrow and the safe homecoming of all soldiers and to a time when the world will know only of peace. May G-D protect us all.

I sincerely remain, Judy Sputz Judy Sputz President Ari's Judaica Treasures